Apr 02 2011

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Today’s Special: MUC-FRA-ICN-NRT

That basically sums up today’s route. Right now I finished the first of those three stints and are sitting around waiting in Frankfurt Airport.

Originally I was planning to write my first blog post before my journey started, but that wasn’t meant to be… Unfortunately I seemed to have jammed a nerve between my spine and one of my ribs, so this morning it was really painful to move and even breathe. Not the best condition to start an undertaking like the one I’m going to master today! So I spent some of the planned waiting time back in Munich at the airport’s clinic, to let a doctor have a look at what’s going on there. Now I tried to sweet-talk the Lufthansa agent working at the counter here in Frankfurt to kindly upgrade me to business class – which she refused… So now all I can do is take the painkillers the doc gave me this morning (I hate taking any medicine!) and accommodate with my economy class seat… At least she was able to put me in a seat where the middle-seat seems to stay vacant. But I will definitely try my luck again with one (ore two?) of the flight attendants after boarding…

So, originally I was planning to write today about my current feelings and thoughts. About my current feelings: pain! My thoughts, though, are not wandering as much as some might expect them to. Of course I’m a bit nervous of what my life in Japan will be like. Sure, I’m anxious about finding out whether I’m going to like it or not. But with all those thoughts I’m still very much convinced that I’m doing the right thing.

May the future prove me wrong – or rather not…

See you in Japan!

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