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About this blog

日本 – にほん – nihon: Japan
に – ni: towards
コンニ – konni: Konni

So 日本にコンニ (Nihon-ni Konni) literally means „towards Japan Konni“, but in real english you might say „Konni goes Japan“.

And this is what this blog is all about. Not so much the way to Japan itself (which will be a rather dull 11 hour flight…), but the whole undertaking of wrapping up my life in Germany and move to Japan. So this is not going to be a travelogue, but rather a place for me to put all the impressions and experiences I expect to gather while in Japan. There are gajillions of blogs by foreigners in Japan out the on the web, so you might want to ask if it’s necessary to have another one. I can only reply: Dunno! I’m not doing this to become the most comprehensive and ultimate source of information for foreigners in Japan. This is truly not necessary, as there are excellent pages and forums out there already. I rather want to create a platform for me, my family and friends and also other people who might be interested, to share my impressions, opinions and thoughts. Of course I’d also like to invite my readers to participate in this and share your thoughts and views. Please keep this thing interesting for me!

The question remains, what I’m going to write about. Again, my answer has to be: Dunno! Or to nail it down more precisely: About this and that. I don’t want to limit myself now before I even have started. Also, I don’t have a clue about what is going to happen in my future time in Japan. Of course emigrant blogs like mine always run a risk of becoming a basin for negative impressions like „things that annoyed me lately“ or „what was better in Germany as opposed to Japan“. Of course I can’t (and won’t) rule out that there will be posts like this, but I will try my best not to be too German and just complain about everything. I’m absolutely sure there will be as many brilliant and funny things happening to me as there will be ones that will drive me crazy – if that wasn’t so I should reconsider this endeavour.

One thing worth noticing is the multi language setup of this blog. I’m German, so of course I will write in German. But I know from my own experience how interesting and insightful a foreigner’s perspective on your own country, habits and culture can be. So as I will live in Japan, interact with Japanese people and communicate in Japanese, and also want to provide this aforementioned perspective of a foreigner living in Japan, I will also blog in Japanese. And, as you might have noticed by now, I will also write in English, so I can also reach all those of you who don’t speak German or Japanese.

That should wrap it up for now, I’m sure the blog itself will provide you with all the other bits and pieces you should know about me. Apart from that I’m always happy to answer questions or just read your comments and input.

I’m writing this introduction on March 14th, 19 days before moving to Japan and three days after the 東北地方太平洋沖地震 (tōhoku chihō taiheiyō-oki jishin), the massive Sendai earthquake. Not a good time to move to Japan, some might say – and they’re right. But there’s currently no reason for me to change my plans, but there are lots of good reasons to go there especially now.


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